Fire-breathing Dragon Hire

Dragon Heart Beats’ fire-breathing hubcap dragon can be hired as a mobile act with costumed performers, or as a static installation on the ground or suspended, with or without costumed attendants. The dragon  measures 5mx3m long x 2.5m high. Its fiery breath can be set to fire randomly on auto, or a firing button can be set up to allow the audience or customers to fire the dragon breath themselves. It can be supplied with or without: Coloured lighting, smoke, sound effects and live percussion & samples, or with recorded soundtrack made specifically for the event. Wherever this dragon goes, it is met with wonder and delight by adults and children alike.


  • Mobile chassis
  • Static installation on the ground or suspended
  • Flame breath on auto
  • Flame breath on manual
  • Nostril smoke
  • Coloured and strobing lighting effects
  • 12v P.A & sound effects
  • Live percussion & samples
  • Recorded soundtrack bespoke to the event
  • Stage pyrotechnics & additional fire performers

Crewcab Luton Hire

  • Hired with driver, crewcab carries up to 5 passengers
  • Driver berth for cost-effective long-distance deliveries/collections
  • Luton can be fitted with workbenches, 12v-240ac  inverter power, site office desks etc
  • Can be fitted with 4 x additional single berths
  • Flexible rate depending on job

Commission costumes & makes

Realise a creative vision with large-scale themed makes or smaller individual costumes and props. Made by experienced makers in aluminium, fibreglass rod, cloth, found materials, hubcaps or bamboo/withy/paper .