Dragon Heart Beats Show

Book this night or day mobile or static show featuring high energy percussion by 2 performers, with smoke, fire, lights & optional pyrotechnics.


Performers interact with the audience & use a Trinidadian style ‘rhythm section’ instruments (drums,¬† iron percussion, plus samples) to make drum & bass, house, soca and techno.

Site and event-specific performances created to fit client needs with optional fire performers & pyrotechnics.

The band is also available without dragon for indoor/outdoor stage & mobile gigs & very loud un-amplified mobile percussion e.g. for demonstrations and street parades.

Emperor Mort Bleu

The Trinidad & Tobago ‘Midnight Robber’ is an oratorical carnival character originating from the griot tradition of West Africa. Developed by enslaved people in Trinidad as part of the pre-Lenten ‘fete’ season celebrated by planters, which has become carnival.

Emperor Mort Bleu Midnight ropbber
A Midnight Robber from Trinidad carnival

Emperor Mort Bleu is a Midnight Robber originally performed for Angostura’s 2014 Butterfly House event in London. New Midnight Robber characters can be created on request to suit any event, featuring bespoke costume, oratory, music and poetry.

Commission costumes & makes

Realise creative vision for events with large-scale themed makes or smaller costumes and props. Made by experienced makers in aluminium, fibreglass rod, cloth, found materials & hubcaps or bamboo, withy & paper.

Positive Productions